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DAVKA Studios creates unique fantastical, believable creatures and characters for Film, Episodic, and Real-Time Technologies. 


DAVKA Studios is a full service Creature Visual Effects & Toy Production studio. We provide believable character and creature assets, look development, rigging solutions and animation.

We are also developing our own episodic creature-based content and toy line.

Daveed Kaplan

Owner & Creature Supervisor

Daveed is hands on during the concept and production stages at DAVKA Studios and leads a team of experienced Character TD's, Creature / Look Dev' Artists and Animators.


Daveed has contributed to many high profile projects as a Character Director, Character Modeling TD, Art Lead, Conceptual Designer, Sculptor, Storyboard Artist, and Toy Product Designer for the Visual Effects, Real-Time Technologies, Game Development, Animated Feature Film, Episodic and Toy industries.

Daveed's work includes high fidelity believable creatures, digital doubles, FACS based facial and body blendshape sculpting, character modeling, believable rigging solutions, texture painting / rendering look development, grooming, pre-visualization animation and conceptual design.


Some projects he has worked on are listed below.

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